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K-too’s Kitchen Menu

Bar Snacks

Homemade Chunky Chips V Nrs.135

Salted Skins – Skin Up Man, their the House Specialty V Nrs.120

With Spring Onion and Sour Cream Dip

Eggs Mayonnaise Nrs.115

Vegetable Pakodas Nrs.145

Potato Kebabs V Nrs.160

Deep Fried Fresh Onion Rings, Tingly Barbeque Sauce*V Nrs.200

Nepalese Momo’s – Vegetable* V Nrs.210

Nepalese Momo’s – Chicken* Nrs.300

Cheese Balls V Nrs.225

Warm Summer Salsa and Cheesy – Topped Nachos V Nrs.245

Spicy Chicken Wings, Chilli Garlic Dip Nrs.310

Chicken Satay* Nrs.370

Fish Nuggets in Beer Batter, Tartare Sauce Nrs.360

Chicken Chilli* Nrs.315

Prawn Chilli* Nrs.475

Fish Tikka Nrs.235

Chicken Nugget Nrs.360

Veg. Cocktail Kebab V Nrs.160

*Please allow twenty minutes.

Taxes are all Applicable

Plus 10% Service Charge

Entrées, Dips and Salads

Deep Fried Fresh Onion Rings with Tingly Bar-B-Q Sauce V Nrs.200

Salad of Seasonal Green Leaves V Nrs.210

tossed in creamy dressing with garlic croutons.

Spinach & Potato Salad V Nrs.205

with Honey and Mustard Dressing.

Warm Summer Salsa and Cheesy –Topped Nachos V Nrs.245

Spicy Chicken Drumsticks, Chilli Garlic Dip Nrs.310

Fish Nuggets in Beer Batter, Tartare Sauce Nrs.360

The K-too! Combo (Enough for 2 normal people or 6 broke backpackers) Nrs.525

Nachos; Onion Rings; Skins; Chunky Chips and Spicy Chicken


Salad Paysanne Nrs.335

Creamy dressing, Garlic croutons, Crispy bacon, Pommes Paysanne

Tuna Salad Niçoise, Citrus Vinaigrette V Nrs.445

We’re told the tuna used was a strict vegetarian!


Sweet Corn Soup V Nrs.190

Soup of ‘Kalimati ‘ Tomatoes V Nrs.195

Potato and Spring Onion Puree V Nrs.195

Rustic Potage of Carrot and Orange V Nrs.190

Cream of Chicken and Mushroom Nrs.260

Taxes are all Applicable

Plus 10% Service Charge

The Sizzling Steakhouse Specials

All our Steaks, Burgers and Sandwiches, come with Chunky Home Made Chips

and a side salad of Seasonal Field Greens tossed in Olive Oil and White Wine


Our steaks are served sizzling – please ask the waiter if you prefer it otherwise.

Grilled Steak ‘Maitre D’ Hotel’ Nrs.550

Classically this cold butter garnish has 4 ingredients – we put in 26!

Plain Grilled Steak, Sauce Béarnaise. Nrs.565

This always reminds me of the Mel Brooks line – “Don’t get saucy with me, Béarnaise!”

Peppered Steak Nrs.645

With Creamy Peppery Mushroom Sauce. You couldn’t beat it with a big stick!

‘New York’ Style Nrs.670

Two fried eggs on top. Pan Fried mushrooms on the side. My favourite!

Steak ‘Provencale’ Nrs.675

Sauce of diced tomato, mushrooms, olives and red wine – scented with

basil, oregano and rosemary. I’m getting a sun tan just thinking about it.

Blue Cheese Melt (Subject to Availability – Please Ask the Waiter) Nrs.945

Grilled to your liking with Two Slices of Blue Cheese on Top and Gratinated.

The Ol´ Surf N´ Turf Nrs.970

Plain grilled with garlic sautéed Prawns.

No Steakhouse menu would be complete with it.

Chateaubriand (Big enough for two normal people or one hungry backpacker.) Nrs.1275

600g of Best Fillet, grilled and served in the style of your choice. Taxes are all Applicable

Plus 10% Service Charge


The K-too! Quarter Pounder Nrs.400

Juicy Minced Fillet, grilled, then topped with sliced nak’s cheese, salad, gherkins

The K-too! Half Pounder Nrs.690

Ditto – only bigger! (It’s obvious really…)

Fried Egg Burger Nrs.425

Juicy Quarter Pounder topped with fried egg. Tastes better after a few beers!

Spicy Chicken and Cheese Melt Nrs.425

with our special ‘chilli-garlic-mustard Mayo’. Be careful it’s hot as F#@*!

The Veggie Burger V Nrs.375

For all you die-hard retro ‘veggie junk food’ fans

Sandwiches & Lunch Specials

Windy and Lornas’ Chip Butty V Nrs.220

It’s Miller Time! – Fresh Crusty Bread, Buttered, Filled with Chips and Sprinkled

with Salt and Vinegar. More Chips and Mayonnaise on the side. For best results

– wash down with lashings of beer!!!!!! – It couldn’t be simpler.

Toasted Fried Egg Sandwich V Nrs.225

The perfect ‘anytime, any place, anywhere’ breakfast.

Fried Egg and Bacon Sandwich Nrs.365

As a chef I survived on these for years – and look where it got me!

Toasted Minute Steak ‘Bookmaker’ Nrs.385

Tenderloin on Toast with Mustard Mayo. So named after the Bookmakers at

a horse race meet – as it was the only meal they had time to eat between races.

Club Sandwich Nrs.470

Toasted Double Decker with chicken, bacon, boiled egg, tomato, lettuce.

Tuna, Mayonnaise and Cream Corn “Doorstep” Nrs.310

A Kilroy Speciality

Croque Monsieur– Grilled Cheese V Nrs.225

In The U. S. A. it is a Favourite, in Paris it is Fantastic Street Food.

Croque Madame – Grilled Ham, Cheese Nrs.235

Croque du Chef Nrs.260

Our Chef’s Nepali Version of Grilled Ham, Cheese and Tomato

Spaghetti – with Meat Sauce Nrs.380

Spaghetti – with TomatoSauce V Nrs.310

Chicken Fried Rice Nrs.315

Mixed Fried Rice – with a Fried Egg Nrs.320

Pizza – 8“Tomato, Mozzarella and Salami Nrs.390

Taxes are all Applicable

Plus 10% Service Charge

Main Courses

Chicken Sizzler Nrs.530

I only put it on because we will sell if anyway!

Basu’s Chilli and Lemongrass Chicken, Plain Rice Nrs.515

Although this is a light dish, its tongue – tingling spiciness is not for the lighthearted.!

Tims ‘Most Tender’ Tenderloin Curry Nrs.550

With Basmati Rice or Chunky Chips – Tim asked me to put it on the menu, so I did!

Mountain Dal Bhaat – In the traditional Nepalese style! Nrs.540

Basmati Rice, Yellow Lentils, Masala Curried Chicken, Wilted Spinach,

Tomato and Gundruk Pickles, Poppadom, Salad.

Fish & Chips The best of British! Served with Tartare sauce Nrs.550

Main Courses – Vegetarian

Stuffed Aubergine Bake V Nrs.400

Filled with compote of seasonal ratatouille and sprinkled with Naks Cheese

Spaghetti – with Tomato Sauce V Nrs.310

Homemade Tagliatelle in Creamy ‘Al Freddo’ Sauce V Nrs.575

with Capsicum, Mushrooms, Onions, White Wine and Naks Cheese.

Vegetable Moussaka V Nrs.575

I had this when I was trekking in the Everest region – wholesome and nourishing.

Worthy of any menu in Nepal.

Mountain Dal Bhaat – In the traditional Nepalese style! V Nrs.490

Basmati Rice, Yellow Lentils, Wilted Spinach, Tomato and Gundruk Pickles,

Poppadom, Salad.

Pizza – 8”- Tomato, Mozzarella V Nrs.310

Veg Fried Rice V Nrs.255


Side Orders

Mashed Potatoes -with parsley & spring onion V Nrs.130

Lyonnaise Potatoes -sautéed with sliced red onion V Nrs.130

Sautéed Seasonal Vegetables V Nrs.145

Mushrooms V Nrs.190

Green Salad V Nrs.160

Plain Rice V Nrs.165

Taxes are all Applicable

Plus 10% Service Charge

Tommys Tex – Mix’

I don’t know much about Mexico or it’s food, but as I spent about 2 weeks in Dallas a few years ago, I guess I got closer to Mexico than the Chefs in the kitchen who used to work in a ‘Mexican’ restaurant before they joined K-too!. Anyway, the long and the short of it is, that together we have come up with a few choices that give a Central American Flavour. I like them – which is why they are on here in the first place! - and I hope you like them too…

Warm Summer Salsa and Cheesy – Topped Nachos (V) Mule Pack Nrs.250

Stage Coach Nrs.425

The Big Burrito Spicy Chicken/Tenderloin Nrs.545

Gringos Beany –Veggie Hash Nrs.425

Soft Taco Parcel stuffed with Mexican Spiced Chicken, Tenderloin or Re-Fried Beans.

Topped with Tangy Tomato Salsa and Sour Cream with Spring Onions.

‘Three Flutes’ of Crispy Taco Shells Spicy Chicken/Tenderloin Nrs.570

Gringos Beany – Veggie Hash Nrs.425

Individually coated with Sour Cream, Buttery Spinach Purée and Rich

Tomato Salsa. You tell us which is ‘The Good, The bad and The Ugly’.

‘Sombrero Sizzling´ Fajitas Spicy Chicken/Tenderloin Nrs.695

Gringos Beany – Veggie Hash Nrs.500

Have fun creating your own combinations of Fajita. We give you the Meat or the

Veggies sizzling on the platter; “The Three Amigos” of Sour Cream and Onions,

Tomato Salsa and Grated Cheese; Soft Tacos … not to mention loads of napkins!


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